The Novograf Way

As a customer-focused business, we are determined to give you the right solutions, the right products and the right service. This clarity of purpose is at the heart of our Values.

Always thinking

There is always another way. We think about our customers, our products and how we approach every task or project. We think of ourselves as innovators.


We are professionals who take pride in how we relate to our customers, our suppliers and each other. We strive to maintain the highest standards in everything we do all the time.


We are easy to do business with. We work with our customers to ensure they get what they need.


We use our knowledge and expertise to create and install clever, viable solutions for our customers. We get it right.


We never over promise. We always deal with our customers, suppliers and each other with the utmost integrity.


We respect our customers, colleagues, suppliers and the environment.


We strive to exceed the highest standards in everything we do through the on-going development of people, quality, safety and processes.


We are friendly and inclusive. We believe in our abilities, our products, our services, our colleagues and our customers.


We put our customers’ needs before our own.


We believe every surface is a brand opportunity, anything imagined is possible, and there is always a solution for every budget. We are Novograf.