Meet The Team

Because we all own the business, each and every one of us is directly responsible for ensuring we do all we can to help you successfully achieve your designs, budgets and targets for retail refurbishment and transformation.

If you click on these pictures you will be able to put a face to a name, see who does what for you, and find out their contact details.

John Clark
Jennifer Riddell-Dillet
Mick Barker
Alan Marshall
David Rough
Craig Coultman-Smith
David Arbuckle
Lee Drummond
Tom Shand
Margaret Nelson
John Harkness
Nigel Millward
Allan MacDonald
Andrew Morrison
Chris Worswick
David Strudwick
Emma Wilson
Graham Smith
James Lowe
Jonathan Young
Kevin McIntyre
Kirsten Wells
Mark Gibson
Michael Carr
Phil Lawson
Phil Weir
Ruaridh Kerr
Scott Herman
Susan Lillis
Adam Huntington
Andy Dodds
Bob McKee
Bob Hutton
Craig Robertson
Darren Hodgson
David Anderson
David Scott
David Spratt
David Thorley
Derek Lindsey
Derek McAteer
Dominic Peers
Edyta Akulenko
Emily Sloan
Fraser Sharp
Gary Ramsey
Gerry Fitzpatrick
Gerry Reilly
Graham Taylor
Helen McKeown
Iain Thomson
Jacek Frydrych
James Boyle
Jason Bagnall
Janette Beattie
Jim Clark
Jim Edmonds
Joanna Borcz
John Carlin
John-Paul Hudson
Kevin Bagnall
Lewis Rogers
Lyle Irvine
Martin Sharkey
Matina Tsakmaki
Michael Paul
Paul Duffy
Paul Hawkins
Paul Rogers
Rae McCulloch
Robert Burns
Robert Hogarth
Ross Irvine
Ross Smith
Scott Ward
Simon Lewis
Steven Boyd
Vincent Moran