Many years ago we made a commitment to avoid using vinyl (Plasticised PVC) wherever possible. As a result, we have developed a suite of Plasticised PVC-free laminates, films and boards for use in the retail, commercial and transport industries. We are also proud to hold the environmental ISO 14001 accreditation.

Novograf continues to have innovation and the environment as key parts of our strategy. We strive to seek new techniques, materials, surface finishes and products to ensure we can offer our customers wide ranging solutions for our marketplace.

It is our intention to continue to design and develop products which minimise both ours and our customers' impact on the environment. Our goal is to develop for the market, a viable suite of products with a high component of recycled or biodegradable materials.

Much of what Novograf does helps the environment. We have our own solar 'power station' generating electricity to run our head office and factory. This self-generation capability reduces our draw on the carbon producing power grid. We also refresh, rejuvenate and extend the life of clients’ existing assets, which helps to reduce the use of precious resources and minimise overall carbon footprints. We use cold cured UV inks as part of our commitment to our environment.

Our Belief

It is our belief that a safe, healthy, sustainable environment is in the best interests of everyone, including business. We also believe that the environment is everyone’s responsibility. We encourage all our staff, suppliers and customers to think the same way and to act responsibly. Novograf is committed to a proactive and practical environmental policy delivering measurable improvement in performance.

The primary objectives of our policy are:

To constantly seek ways of reducing our usage of raw materials, including utilities, and to re-use or recycle materials.

By thoroughly examining our activities and their impact on the environment we endeavour to minimise emissions and prevent pollution. In consultation with new and existing suppliers we source and assess more environmentally gentle alternative materials.

Our Commitments

In order to deliver these objectives Novograf has made a number of commitments:

  • We were one of the first companies in our industry to be awarded ISO 14001 certification, the environmental standard, and have dedicated ourselves to implementing an operational system which helps to sustain the environment. We have set up processes to minimise wastage, energy usage, emissions and prevent pollution. ISO 14001 ensures a continuous cycle of planning, checking, implementing, analysing and improving our everyday operations.
  • We are working with our staff, suppliers and customers to reduce our usage of raw materials by reducing, reusing, recycling and continually seeking alternative environmentally gentle materials
  • Our objectives and targets are established and updated as part of our continual environmental improvement.
  • We regularly audit performance and emissions.
  • We self-generate a large proportion of our energy needs and export what we don't use into the national grid.
  • We adhere to strict regulatory requirements through consultation with directive bodies to ensure compliance and up to date knowledge of standards. It is always our objective to strive to exceed any regulatory standards.
  • We have regular consultations with suppliers, customers and employees to promote our environmental policy.
  • All major suppliers and sub-contractors are informed of our policy and similar environmental standards are encouraged from them.
  • There is an ongoing initiative to reduce waste at all levels of the organisation (temperature control, ‘lights out’, input waste levels, process waste, recycling etc.).
  • Commitment of adequate human and financial resources is ongoing for the implementation and maintenance this policy.
  • It is our intention to continue to design and develop products and processes in line with this policy.

Novograf Environmental Initiatives

  • We self-generate a large portion of our power requirements through solar panels installed on our head office and factory. This reduces our draw on the carbon producing main power grid. This Novograf power station initiative is better for us, better for the national grid and above all, is better for our environment.
  • Many of our big brand clients have specified Novograf products in their latest generation of stores as our products and business operations are in line with their own stringent environmental policies.
  • Our famous Lamigraf product is a unique high performance alternative to vinyl based materials. Lamigraf is made from constituents that do not produce the environmental and metabolic toxins associated with vinyl’s manufacture and disposal and is a significantly environmentally gentler product to use. Lamigraf has limitless design possibilities and is hardwearing and scratch resistant. This makes it an economic and environmentally gentler alternative to many other products.
  • Lamifilm™ is our environmentally gentle, high performance alternative to self-adhesive vinyl for windows. This product is free from plasticiser contaminants inherent in vinyl’s lifecycle. It is harder wearing and lower profile than self-adhesive vinyl and extremely pick resistant. Lamifilm is ideal for applications with high traffic. At end of life these Novograf products do not leach contaminating degradation products.
  • Novograf has been using biodegradable non-solvent inks for over ten years resulting in a safe and clean printing process.
  • All personnel at Novograf share an enthusiasm and dedication to protecting our world and are encouraged to contribute their own ideas to ensure the progression and improvement of all policies.
  • All staff are fully trained on Novograf's environmental policies. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this.
  • Our promise - to continually strive to improve our business practices so as to reduce waste, preserve our world’s natural resources and together help tackle climate change.