Novograf manufactures a range of protective fire rated finishes for the rail, airport and general transport industries. Companies we work with include Heathrow, Gatwick and Glasgow Airports, First Group Rail, Scotrail, Virgin, East Midlands Trains, Bombardier and Wabtec.

We have solutions for upgrading virtually every area of the rail, aviation and road transport environments including; bulkheads, table tops, dado panels, draught screens, internal doors, windows and terminal murals. We are a member of the Rail Interiors Solutions group and Rail Alliance.

Novograf has many years’ experience in designing and installing transport interiors. Our easily applied self-adhesive, trim-to-fit solutions offer a durable cosmetic upgrade at an attractive cost, and provide an end product that meets both operating requirements and design expectations.

The Novograf transport solution:

  • meets all relevant rail fire safety standards
  • comes in any colour, any pattern
  • offers proven durability in high wear areas
  • is quick and easy to install
  • an easy self-adhesive, dry application
  • can be easily installed inside a carriage, with minimal special tools
  • easily cleaned with a wide range of soaps and detergents
  • Plasticised PVC-free, non-toxic manufacture minimises environmental impact and carbon footprint
  • individual sections can be accurately cut to shape at factory or on-site


  • Table & dados
  • Class 318 Scotrail
  • Class 318 carriage
  • Translink NI.jpg
  • Translink NI
  • Virgin bulkhead
  • Virgin table-top
  • Parcel rack- Lamigraf
  • Airport mural
  • Heathrow mural1.jpg