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Brand Realization Explained

What Novograf calls ‘Brand realization’ is the efficient roll out across your estate, of your expensively and carefully developed new design concept, with the look and feel of its best performing deployment, undertaken quickly and very economically by Novograf.

We achieve this economical deployment by creating new graphical surfaces to emulate the desired look and feel of your great new design, we re-use as much of the existing signage, fitments and building structure as we can as our base substrates, deploying new structures and signage where needed, to complete an highly effective visual and practical transformation, often overnight, with minimal disruption to your trading.

We take your original design concepts and value engineer and convert them to our materials for rapid deployment. All our materials are fit for purpose and designed to last, the imagery clear and crisp, your branding custom deployed to fit site after site.

With a relatively small investment per location, requiring minimal administrative complexity on your part, we can create a moneymaking ambience in your environment.

Our process involves understanding your design, developing materials to convey its look and feel, (we can emulate finishes from intricate woodwork to concrete and brick), selecting from our range which materials will work in which area of your location, e.g. lightweight, durable, removeable etc., preparing a store scheme, and then with approval on budget and deployment, we move to manufacture and install the new look with the absolute minimum of fuss. Every element is taken care of, from opening times stickers to brand wall and window graphics, faux tile and timber panels, often with hundreds of individually designed custom parts.

We work with your Programme schedule and will rise to whatever timeframe for delivery, or scale of project you require.

Brand Realization from Novograf gives you a flexible, cost effective route to a better performing estate. It’s what we do…..

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