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Novograf now offers accredited CPD training for Architects & Designers

Novograf is proud to announce we have recently achieved accredited CPD Status with the CPD Standards Office for our Architects and Designers CPD training module titled "Maximizing the Commercial Viability of the Last Half Millimetre in the Built Environment." Read more

how to get the 'how-to' guide they're all talking about

Brimming with great advice like "Don't let your design out on its own" ... "Don't leave it with strangers" ... "Find a way to make everyone love it" and "Make Novograf your pal from the start", this vital free how-to guide could change your life forever (you know you want it). Read more

Britain’s burning question answered.

There is really only one burning question in the UK at the moment - “What is this Brand Realization that Novograf is always banging on about?” Well, luckily we have the answer. Read more

Glasgow Artist & Novografian Does it Again!

Novograf employee-owner Rae McColluch, sold her penguin sculpture titled “The Baltic Builder” for £7,000 at a charity auction on Monday 24th September. The auction was held at the new V & A Dundee in aid of the Dundee charity, Maggies Cancer Centre. Read more

Novograf involved in the creation of 'Scotland for Employee Ownership' group

John Clark, Chairman of employee owned Novograf, is a member of the steering group for a new industry leadership body set up to make Scotland the best place for employee ownership to thrive. Read more

Novograf helps The Co-op to teach life skills to kids

Novograf happily donated the shop front brick effect, window film, cladding, other surfaces, signs and installation to help the Co-op’s contractor partners create the Danger Point teaching store. Read more