how to get the 'how-to' guide they're all talking about

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Brimming with great advice like "Don't let your design out on its own" ... "Don't leave it with strangers" ... "Find a way to make everyone love it" and "Make Novograf your pal from the start", this vital free how-to guide could change your life forever (you know you want it).

"How to Protect Your Design from the Death of a Thousand Cuts" is a must-have, free guide packed with useful ways to protect your design and brand image during a live roll-out.

This free 16 page booklet tells the story of how, during a live roll-out, the look & feel of your brand design can be under attack from The Death of a Thousand Cuts. It talks about simple things you can do to protect your design from being cut, mauled and maimed while it is being rolled-out across your estate.

The booklet might be free but the content is priceless. It centres around the premise that just because your brand design looks great in a flagship property, that doesn't mean it will survive the heartless affordability trial of a roll-out. One gem of advice (drawn from many throughout the booklet) is that you should involve Novograf as early as possible. By doing this, we can value-engineer your design at the concept store stage, reducing the chance of nasty 'on the fly' compromises later. Sound advice indeed.

Now more than ever, with the aid of our free guide, you can make sure you have the look you want everywhere without breaking the bank.

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