Glasgow Artist & Novografian Does it Again!

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Novograf employee-owner Rae McColluch, sold her penguin sculpture titled “The Baltic Builder” for £7,000 at a charity auction on Monday 24th September. The auction was held at the new V & A Dundee in aid of the Dundee charity, Maggies Cancer Centre.

Rae’s piece was one of 80 large penguin sculptures which were all auctioned off to raise a total of £539,000 for the charity. Maggie’s Cancer Centre provides free practical, social and emotional support for people with cancer and their families and friends, offering a programme of support that has been shown to strengthen wellbeing.

The three month long creation of "The Baltic Builder" penguin sculpture was supported by the generosity of QAPM in Dundee, who displayed it when completed, for 10 weeks outside the new V&A Museum in Dundee.

Rae said, “The Penguin was completed during the time I lost my wee gran to cancer, therefore I decided to put her initials on the penguin’s measuring tape in her memory as she encouraged me to take on the challenge when I was at my lowest. It means the world to me that she believed I could do it and I hope I have done her proud”.

At another charity event on Saturday night at the Hilton hotel, Glasgow, Rae sold her 3D sculptured painting "Darkness into LIght" for £300 in support of Chris’s House, a charity which helps with suicide prevention.

Rae has a history of good works, just last year she sold three pieces for £10,200 in the Big Stampede Charity Auction which raised money for the Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity.