Britain’s burning question answered.

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There is really only one burning question in the UK at the moment - “What is this Brand Realization that Novograf is always banging on about?” Well, luckily we have the answer.

Brand Realization happens in the Retail, Hospitality, Banking and Transport sectors whenever Novograf is involved, you could say it’s all about getting the ‘look & feel’ right in customer facing environments.

There is an art to turning customers’ designs into practical reality and it comes about through the competent provision of a complete, hassle-free, end to end, roll-out service. Novograf is involved from concept deployment, store scoping, product development and project management through to the bespoke manufacturing and installation of surfaces for walls, doors, lifts, columns, counters, checkouts, murals, signs, window graphics, dado panels and frieze boards.

Novograf works closely with brand owners, designers and contractors to ensure the roll-out is effective, efficient and economical. Based on the agreed programme, bespoke products are developed, materials manufactured for the supplied designs and the necessary stock volumes are carried to ensure the supply chain is responsive to the rolling schedule.

From store plans Novograf scopes and costs each project in sync. with the roll-out schedule, then makes the materials and packs them for delivery to our implementation teams on site. At every stage, the Brand Realization process strives to deliver high ROI, quality solutions, great finishes and fast turn-around.

You have probably seen Novograf’s Brand Realization work without knowing it. If you shop at a convenience chain, pick up a sausage roll from a high street bakery, walk into a major UK bank, buy your groceries from a national supermarket, relax in a café, stay with a major hotel chain….or even just catch a train…there’s a good chance you’ll be surrounded by the things we do well.

Thousands of locations have been ‘Novografed’ for big brands including The Co-op, Iceland, Tesco, Waitrose, ASDA, Morrisons, Scotmid, John Lewis, RBS, Natwest, Ulster Bank, Nationwide, Barclays, WH Smith, Greggs, Pizza Hut, KFC, Travelodge, Ibis, Novotel, Pullman, Accor, Bannatyne, Scotrail, Virgin Trains and more.

Over the years we have developed many bespoke products - tough ATM surrounds, hard-wearing surfaces for checkouts and counters, high gloss glass-substitute sheeting, window blockout, light weight point of sale material, repositionable signage, protective fire rated finishes for the rail, airport and general transport industries and the finest hard material emulations you have ever seen.

The amazing thing about Novograf is that all this wonderful work is undertaken by the owners! As an employee owned company, the management and employees all own the company together. Each person shares our future in an Employee Ownership Trust model that holds the bulk of the shares on behalf of all. Because everyone you deal with (and everyone who does something for you) owns the company, we all ‘go that extra mile’ to make sure you’re happy. That’s Brand Realization.

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