Lamigraf™ is Novograf's own ultra tough, PVC-free solution for most surfaces. This unique, tough, semi-flexible laminate is designed to withstand the daily rigours of the retail, banking, hospitality and transport environments and can be easily customised to match store schemes.

Our Chameleon Technology enables us to customise Lamigraf with any colour, any pattern or any image which we embed deep within Lamigraf’s structure, safe from wear and tear. As this product is sub-surface printed it is highly scuff resistant so that graphics and colour cannot be scratched off.

Engineered to out-perform traditional vinyl, Lamigraf goes on fast with minimal disruption. It is a tough, hard wearing surface providing long-term protection wherever it is applied.

Lamigraf is semi-flexible and can be applied to nearly all flat and curved metal, plastic, laminate and powder-coated surfaces, and we can precut it in our factory to fit any size.

Lamigraf is ideal for high traffic areas as it offers both protection and looks. It is quickly and easily fitted and easy to keep clean and fresh with most domestic cleaning products.

Lamigraf is a self adhesive laminate for sealed surfaces and is ideal for walls, doors, panels, service counters or checkouts or even windows. It is used to create ambience in airports, hygienic and cleanable wall surfaces in restaurants and it is a favourite with supermarkets and shops for its ability to protect surfaces against trolley damage.

Used for new builds and the restoration, refurbishment and modification of existing assets,Lamigraf is our most popular solution for:

  • wall murals
  • checkouts
  • ATM surrounds
  • columns
  • doors
  • panels
  • counters
  • display cabinets
  • interior signage
  • food service areas
  • exterior signage

Lamigraf Qualities:

  • manufactured in qualities and quantities to suit your design
  • printed with any graphic, colour or to replicate any material
  • cut to any shape or size
  • ultra long life
  • unique manufacturing technology ensures damage resistance
  • odourless
  • available grades include, antimicrobial, graffiti resistant, fire rated and exterior
  • easy to clean, using most domestic soaps