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Brand Realization™

If you're searching for an effective, high speed, high volume supplier of look & feel for your retail or hospitality estate, you should be feeling happy right now because you've found Novograf Brand Realization.

Novograf Brand Realization is the development, manufacture and installation of bespoke surfaces that enhance, showcase and extend your brand.

When you work with Novograf, every store can look like a flagship (every bank, restaurant, and hotel can too). Through our ability to emulate just about any hard material, the way we can effectively value-engineer your design, and our efficient application of Brand Realization, we are able to cost-effectively give every property in your estate the look & feel of a flagship. Thankfully, the days of sacrificing your look & feel in the quest for an affordable roll-out are over. Get your free brochure here.

brand realisation in banks

A whole lotta love

One of the first things you will notice about Novograf is that everyone here loves what we do (you can see it in our work), and we want to make sure our customers love what we do too. This is because as an employee owned company, everyone who works at Novograf owns the business - which also explains why we are all so focused on producing the highest quality work for every customer, on every brand realization project.


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brand realisation in Tesco Cafe

The things we do well

You have probably seen our brand realisation work without knowing it. If you shop at a convenience chain, pick up a sausage roll from a high street bakery, walk into a major UK bank, buy your groceries from a national supermarket, relax in a café, stay with a major hotel chain….or even just catch a train…there’s a good chance you’ll be surrounded by the things we do well.


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brand realisation in hotels

good thinking

We believe every surface is a brand opportunity – which is good thinking for a brand realization company that rapidly transforms shops, banks, hotels, restaurants, cafes, food–to-go outlets, trains and offices.

Another thing we’d like you to know about us is that we have developed our own range of long lasting, quick-install surface and graphics products (and rapid installation capabilities) that enable our brand realization teams to transform retail, corporate, hotel and QSR sites ‘overnight’.


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brand realisation in convenience

we’re in this together

When asked, our customers often use the word ‘partnership’ to describe their relationship with us (it comes up again and again in Novograf customer satisfaction research). We like to think this is because we all understand that successful customer relationships are about “people working together with respect, consideration, fellowship and a genuine shared interest in a quality outcome”.

So, you won't be surprised to learn that our partnership starts with you........we want to know your goals, challenges, opportunities, requirements, aspirations, expectations and how you like your coffee. Then, armed with this understanding, our Technical, Design, Development, Store Planning, Manufacturing and Installation teams will start thinking about the solutions that would work best for you.

Together, we are Novograf.


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brand realisation on trains

bankable ambience

Right from the early concept stage, our focus is on how brand experience, message impact and ambience can be engineered to deliver sales-generating look & feel, prolonged dwell time, and maximum ROI across your estate.

Through brand realization, we turn your vision into a roll-out reality by working as a bridge, in close partnership with brand owners, designers, planners, contractors and our own high-tech manufacturing facility - and we're with you from the concept stage right through to the successful end of your roll-out.

Our aim is to save you time, save you money and realise your brand’s look & feel with integrity – in short, Novograf's brand realization aims to deliver ‘bankable ambience’.

Oh....and The Boss wants us to make sure we've told you that if you’re looking for non vinyl (PVC-free) retail graphics, wall finishes, window graphics, store graphics packs, external signs like facias and totems, laminates, door refurbishment, checkout counter rejuvenation, and bespoke finishes created with our unique products – Lamigraf, Lamifilm, Decoart, Digigraf, Opera, Ferrograf, Profile, Magigraf and Magifilm – you can stop looking because you have come to the right website. This is also the right place for hassle-free national roll-out, brand realization (even when it's spelled as brand realisation), store refresh and brand implementation services. Get your free brochure here.



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